Tomato Puree ``Siccagno``

Our tomato puree comes from tomatoes grown on the farm’s fields.

The fertility of the soil with sandy-clay composition and sparse irrigation, used only during planting of seedlings and rarely for saving crops, means that the tomato (called Siccagno) ripens and develops only with the natural moisture caused by the difference in temperature between day and night, aided by an average height above sea level of between 400 and 500 metres. This helps to lower the presence of water in the ripe tomato which, when transformed into puree, has a high degree of density and concentration combined with an unmistakable scent and colour that recalls the unique and unmistakable flavour of homemade puree.

Once they have reached the right stage of ripeness, the tomatoes are harvested, hand selected and subjected to processing within a few hours of harvesting. In this phase, after thorough washing, they undergo a process of blanching in hot water and are then peeled, pressed and finally transformed into puree. The puree is then transferred into glass containers and sealed to preserve the nutrients, natural antioxidants (vitamin C, lycopene, beta-carotene), flavour and texture intact.

Ideal for all dishes which require short cooking times.

Here is how our puree is created

Step by step images showing how our products travel from producer to consumer