The Family

Between the late 19th and early 20th century, the paternal grandparents ran an old pasta factory, operated by blindfolded mules. The bronze drawn pasta was dried in the wind and sun, then hung on canes or laid out on mats. In the same period, the maternal grandparents ran the existing commercial farm with advanced equipment and cattle herds with high quality pedigree.

Today the link between present and past is contained in the company logo: four ears of grain like the number of siblings of the new generation; an old farmhouse which still exists and from which the business was born and around which it extends.


The farm is located in the countryside of Vallelunga Pratameno (CL) on the fertile hills of the Sicilian hinterland.
For over a century it has been distinguished by the quality of agricultural production and livestock.

Culture, passion, tradition

The advent of technology has enabled us to focus interventions on manual processes with high added value, improving crops and their quality.
The experience gained by the family and the constant dialogue with national and foreign companies led us to go against the prevailing trend, investing with conviction in the asset from which the raw materials come: the earth.

From production we have moved to marketing with a farm shop – “Arca dei Sapori” – located in Marano Vicentino (Vicenza), where you will find both the products of the farm – oil, vegetables and preserves – and others that are created through the contribution of our raw materials – corn, tomatoes, grapes and olives – to local food transformation companies.


As a university student I opened a representation agency through which I marketed carious typical Sicilian products under the brand “Arca dei Sapori”.
The initial idea came from my brothers Giuseppe and Giovanni who, as good Sicilians residing outside Sicily, used to take our products with them during their travels. So why not give the many compatriots living outside Sicily the possibility of finding the good and healthy products of our land more easily?
After graduating in economics and experiences of study abroad, I decided to strengthen the company’s production activities, starting with the bottling of extra virgin olive oil to then move on to transforming our Siccagno tomato into tomato puree.

In parallel with the increase in production, along with my brother Giuseppe who lives in Veneto, I decided to open the “Arca dei Sapori” di Gabriele Cappellino & C. farm shop in Marano Vicentino, province of Vicenza.

Our “Azienda Agricola Cappellino” products are the result of careful and meticulous work that comes from passion, from the family tradition and from love for our land. And all that we do aims to ensure that our products are a guarantee of quality and goodness

Quality in our opinion

    • Limited Production: our non-industrial production takes into account our market and sales potential to offer a product that is always vintage;
    • Checks: specialised technicians assist us by monitoring the growing period of the plant to ensure a healthy and quality product; state agencies carrying out analyses before marketing products;
    • Nutritional qualities: our products have good nutritional quality which is the result of the attention dedicated to cultivation of the plants;
    • Respect for the environment: soils undergo crop rotation to ensure health of the plant and its fruits;
    • Technology: the highly technological production process calls for a highly concentrated human intervention during selection of input raw material;
    • Raw material selection: manual selection of raw material allows us to offer the consumer a genuine, pure product, without additives and preservatives, and guaranteed high quality.
One unique principle, one sole creed: Quality
An investment that pays.