Sicily is a land of discovery. Who has spent a few days there can tell you so, perhaps betraying that light melancholy that grabs us when we remember something beautiful, an authentic, simple and emotional experience.

For Sicilians, rediscovering the colours of a landscape, a scent, or the new flavours of a gastronomic specialty, is essentially an opportunity for surprising themselves, and a rarity to share with friends.

The “Arca dei Sapori” shop stocks numerous products from raw materials grown on land located in the beautiful surroundings of the Madonie and neighbouring districts.

These products, which are the result of the search for the best traditional regional foods, have allowed me to meet wonderful people, master artisans and entrepreneurs whose specialties concretely express their and our pride of being Sicilian.

Many of the shop’s products are from Valledolmo, a small town in the heart of Sicily. Here, the particular pedoclimatic conditions of the area, passion, deep expertise and painstaking attention to quality by producers have enabled us to develop a cutting edge agricultural tradition which, in recent years, has led to the transformation of the fruits of the earth.

The “Arca dei Sapori” shop of flavours was born with this spirit and it is in this spirit that we bring the good fruits of Sicilian earth to your table.

Culture, passion, tradition

One unique principle, one sole creed: Quality
An investment that pays.